Maetok sokilske
Tourist complex in the Carpathians
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About us

Rest for whole family

We used to live like that daily routine troubles are content of our lives. But the most important thing are people, who surround us. People who need our warm and attention – our family. Maetok Sokilske gives unique opportunity for entertainment for whole family in one of the most picturesque corner of Ukrainian Carpathians.

In our hotel you can communicate, enjoy every moment with your family , visit interesting places, play at the air. These simple daily things can create miracles.

For your vocation Maetok Sokilske create comfortable conditions: comfortable rooms, fresh, delicious Ukrainian food, place of entertainment for children’s and very interesting games, SPA-relaxations, fishing, exiting excursions and hiking trip.


…Once upon a time in Carpatian Mountains lived the King and he had a daughter. A lot of good boys and men wanted to became a husband of this girl. But Anna didn’t like them, because she loved Ivan. This love was so strong like a stone.

But this love wasn’t so longer. When the King got to know about Anna’s love, he was very evil. He forbade Anna meeting with this boy.

Few days Anna sitting without Ivan and she decided to go away from the home with Ivan, and nobody else didn’t saw them from this day. Only two falcons flying around the Sokilske mountain.

Since then are good rules for a couple to came to Sokilske mountain and ask Anna and Ivan for an eternal love…

Loyality program

We are happy to every guest who come to our hotel for the first time and can appreciable our comfortable conditions, taste, delicious Ukrainian and European dishes and just enjoy every beautiful places of Carpathians mountains.

For you we organized discount program and some presents:

  • Every 7 day and night for free.
  • Rooms category Apartment, Duplex, King Suites – champagne and a fruit basket as a gift.
  • Discount 10% for a birthday human to the dinner and bottle of champagne as a gift.(only for person who lives in hotel)
  • Discount 10% — gives after third accommodation in hotel.
  • Discount 15% — gives after seventh accommodation in hotel.
  • Golden Card to 20% — gives after tenth accommodation in hotel.

Booking (Room reservation)


1) For to make your reservation guaranteed, Please, make advance payment in the amount of 50%of the total cost of living.

2) Unguaranted reservation gives you 3 days for to make advance payment in the amount of 50%  of the total cost of living.

Hotel can canceled Your booking after 3 days!!!

3) All price is in UAH. We take payment only in Ukrainian value(cash). Also you can pay by credit card and Visa, Master Card.

Vocation with pats

You can stay with pats only in buildings (VIP).

  • It is allowed one pet per room.
  • There will be an extra charge of 50 UAN PER ROOM 
  • To get in and out of the hotel facilities, you must keep the dog leash short.
  • Within the hotel grounds, there is no place that allows your pet needs; for that reason, a walk around the hotel will solve the problem; as long as you collect it.
  • The owner of the animal has the obligation to keep it in proper sanitary conditions. At the same time, the owner will be responsible of any damage caused to other guest or hotel furniture.
  • Remember that the room will not be cleaned whilst the animal is inside. When the animal is not in the room, please contact Reception so we can proceed with the cleaning.
  • Your pet has strictly forbidden accessto the common areas such as bar-cafeteria, restaurant, swimming pools, buffet, etc…
  • Please do not allow your pet to climb on chairs or bed.
  • Do not bath your pet in the room shower or use hotel towels to dry them up.
  • All pet owners should leave a contact phone number on the Reception, to get in touch, at any time, in his absence, in case the pet causes any annoyances to other guests.
  • The amount of damage caused by your pet during your accommodation will be charge on your bill.
  • Hotel Flamingo reserves the right of not accepting pets that may cause any inconveniences to other guests or have inappropriate behaviour during their stay.
  • All pets staying in Hotel must have all permissions and vaccinations.

Shuttle servise

Maetok Sokilske is located in Carpatian mountains.

Our address is:

Ivano-Frankivsk region

Kosiv area

Vilage Tyudiv

Zelena 20 street

Haw you can came to hotel?

1.Order a car.

Chernivtsi – hotel. (90 km) – 950 UAN

Ivano-Frankivsk – hotel (120 km) – 1200 UAN

Kosiv – hotel (20 km) – 400 UAN

Vyzhnytsya – hotel (10 km) – 150 UAN

Kolomiya – hotel (55 km) – 800 UAN

Also you can order a car Lux class(VIP)

2. By train.

To Ivano-Frankivsk. From Ivano-Frankivsk to Kosiv by bus.

To Chernivtsi. From Chernivtsi to Vyzhnytsya by bus.

3. Own car . Hotel has parking place with security.