Maetok sokilske
Tourist complex in the Carpathians
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We want to invite you to our restaurant Skala Sokilska – unique restaurant in Carpatian mountains.

For you we have:

  • Big hall for celebrating one of the most important date in your life.( Wedding, Birthday)
  • Delicious food
  • Unique menu( more than 150 propositions for you)
  • Big portion
  • Good servise

For reserve a table, please, call to reseption: +380981152999



We are waiting for You from 9:00am till 11:00am

Sandwich regally

Morning tradition (home-made sausage, meat buzhene, cheese, butter)

Cheese Symphony (Buts, cheese, cheese with herbs, cheese, salty, butter)

Salad “Vegetable mix” (tomato, cucumber, cabbage, pumpkin seed oil, cheese)

Salad “mini Caesar” (cucumber, tomato, chicken, mushrooms mushrooms, cheese buts)

Chicken soup

Egg / omelet from (vegetables, cheese, bacon, cheese)

Porridge (oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat)

Dumplings with (cabbage, potatoes, cheese and lazy)

Pancakes (cheese and jam)

Pies a couple of (cherries, blueberries and poppy seeds)

Sweet “Sokolyata” (syrnychky)

Dessert breakfast



Canned Fruit (seasonal)

Huslyanka, domestic milk

Ayran (sour milk drink)
*You have the opportunity to choose any two dishes and a drink.

Complex food

Offer #1

Salad “Mini Caesar”

Hunter gravy(fry potatoes with sausage)


Black tea

Offer #2

Salad Olivier

Holubtsi – Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage Recipe


Green tea

Offer #3

Salad “Shuhu” (boiled tongue, mushrooms, nuts)

Baked in a pot


Offer #4

Salad Besagy(cucumber, egs, mushrooms, boiled tongue)


Mashed potatoes

Fry chicken with cheese

Offer #5

Salad “Mini Caesar”


Rise with vegetable

Fish cutlets


Offer #6

Salad Vinaigrette

Fish soup

Varenyky with cheese


Kids menu

Your children also will be happy because we have unique kids menu.

Tasty and healthy dishes will surely appeal to little gourmets, because in the kitchen over them worked a real good wizard.

Unusual design will necessarily attract the attention of your son or daughter.


“Skala Sokilska” has everything you need to organize an unforgettable banquet for you: fresh, high-quality and delicious food, original drinks of your own, skilled staff and unrivaled chefs.

New Year or Christmas, birthday or wedding, anniversary or corporate – any holiday becomes a real joy in “Skala Sokilska”.


Want to have an elegant buffet?

This will easily help “Skala Sokilska”.

Exquisite dining and dining creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

None of the guests will be indifferent to such a luxurious holiday.

We guarantee a high level of organization and organization of the event.


Servicing from “Skala Sokilska” is an opportunity to arrange an elegant catering at any time and anywhere.

You and your dear guests will have a beautifully decorated table and the most delicious dishes on it.

So you can have a corporate meeting, a small party with friends or a grand holiday.

Kolyba, Pavilions, Barbecue

Guests of the “Sokilske” can enjoy the unique Hutsul spirit thanks to our Kolyba. Decorated with a light wood wall, the folk interior design of the threshold is tuned to a merry system.

In the Kolyba not only eat, but also spend time, so we tried to do everything so that every minute of stay in the kolyba was filled with joy and inspiration. Here you can chat with friends, play board games, enjoy the unique sounds of authentic Hutsul music and see a unique performance – songs, dances, greetings from authentic Hutsuls in folk costumes.

You can rejoice with rare taste drinks thanks to the special Hutsul beverages of your own cooking: Hrenovuha, Medovukha and Cranberry Cocktail – a constant hit of morning orders in Kolyba.

The main part of the Kolyba will prepare for you real Hutsul dishes – Banush, Kulesha with brinza, Mutton barbecue, borshch with forest mushrooms. Her specialties “Trout “U Vyshyvantsi” and baked meat “Sokolskaya Korona” are the peaks of Hutsul culinary skills.

The connoisseurs of traditional Ukrainian cuisine in the Kolyba will be offered dishes for all tastes: borscht, varenyky, dumplings, pancakes. For the creation of their masterpieces cooks  we  use gifts of local nature – white mushrooms, chanterelles, berries.